Re-Ment Pokemon World Ocean

Re-Ment Pokemon World Ocean


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The Re-ment FPokemon World Ocean Collection has a menagerie of water Pokemon having fun under the sea!

Whether you enjoy Re-Ment as collectible art, high-quality props, or just fun figures to brighten your day, there is no denying the outstanding design of each piece.

Each blind box will contain 1 random piece from the collection below:

  • Pikachu & Popplio
  • Vaporeon
  • Slowpoke & Pyukumuku
  • Squirtle & Staryu
  • Marill & Corsola
  • Dewgong

These are new, sealed boxes. Authentic Re-Ment Co, Ltd., Japan.

Caution: This product contains very small parts and pieces. The product is not recommended for children under the age of 6 years old.

This product may contain candy that is out of date. We do not recommend eating any of the edible elements that may be contained in this product and will assume no liability. We only endorse the collectible figure pieces contained in the set.