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Balthier Figure Beckoning Pose

Play Arts Kai Balthier Final Fantasy XII Action Figure

Play Arts Kai

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"A fine bloody banquet. Oh, now I've gone and soiled my cuffs. If a dungeon is our fate, I do hope it contains a change of wardrobe."

The dashing sky pirate Balthier travels the world as he pleases. Aboard his stylish airship, Strahl, and with his Viera companion, Fran, they protect each other as they search for ancient treasure.

Remaining independent of social and national affiliations in Ivalice he lives by his own moral code. Balthier is a pillar of strength for his teammates in Final Fantasy XII, lending both power and speed to the fight. Well trained in both guns and daggers he is a versatile fighter and leads the group of adventurers with the heart of an older brother.

Display the honorable pirate among your favorite collectibles and enjoy all your memories from Final Fantasy XII.

Product features:

  • Figure is articulated and comes with a display stand and interchangeable hand parts.
  • Figure Size (inches): 3.54"W x 3.1.57"D x 11"H
  • Character design: Akihiko Yoshida


Figure images and original game art: Copyright 2006, 2016 Square Enix Co., LTD. All Rights Reserved.