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Gudetama Egg Squishy with Ketchup ぐでたま


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The lovable (and cranky) Gudetama - ぐでたま - sits in style with a decorative dollop of ketchup. Ketchup and eggs? Eww. Well, try it before you deny it! The Gudetama Squishy Egg with Ketchup has a firm touch and quick bounce back. They come individually wrapped and are a great gift for any Gudetama fan or Squishy collector.

 Each one arrives individually wrapped in their original packaging.

  • Height: 1.5"
  • Width:  3.5"
  • Depth:  2.08"
  • Length of cord:  2.5" looped
  • Squishy-level: Soft, with medium to slow bounce back.