Chibi Dragon Member Rewards

Chibi Dragon Loyalty Rewards

Chibi Dragon members collect Dragon Eggs!

Dragon Eggs are the digital points that represent your loyalty to our store. When you create a Chibi Dragon account you will collect them every time you make a purchase.

You will colledt 1 Dragon Egg for every dollar you spend. You can also share the Chibi Dragon web store with friends and family on social media networks for additional rewards, including a discount for you AND the person you invite to shop. We also celebrate your birthday with a gift of Dragon Eggs. With so many ways to collec Dragon Eggs you can almost earn discount coupon just for creating an account and helping us spread the word about our store.

We want you to feel comfortable shopping with us and to have fun! We've detailed some notes below to help you get started.


Creating a Chibi Dragon store account:

Creating an account is easy. Just click on the "Start hoarding some eggs!" button found in the lower right area of the store and follow the prompts, or click on the account icon in the upper right corner and then click "Create Account". You will be asked to enter in your account creation information so we can keep your store record and that's it!


 - or -

We value our customers and respect your privacy. Chibi Dragon will only use your personal information to identify your account and manage rewards. By providing your email address you consent to receive our rewards emails and other email communications from Chibi Dragon. You can view our complete Privacy Policy here.

Our rewards emails come from "Chibi Dragon" and look like this:

Chibi Dragon Rewards Email 

You will get a reward email with 25 Dragon Eggs just for signing up!

 Hoard of Dragon Eggs - Chibi Dragon

You will also receive an email confirmation containing all the details of your orders with Chibi Dragon. They will look like this:

Chibi Dragon Email Order Details


My Account on Chibi Dragon:

Creating an account also provides you with a secure area to manage your orders, addresses, and Dragon Eggs:



Earning more Dragon Eggs:

There are several ways you can earn Dragon Eggs from the start of creating an account.

Below is a list of available rewards for new customers:

Chibi Dragon More Rewards

As you save up your Dragon Eggs you will become eligible to trade them for discount offers and special products. Some examples are listed below:

Chibi Dragon Even More Rewards

Please note that Chibi Dragon reserves the right to change rewards program details at any time with or without notice.

A note on discounts: If you are using a Dragon Eggs discount to purchase a product of lesser value than the available discount the remaining discount value with no longer be available. You must use the discount to purchase a product of equal or greater value to receive the full reward.

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