Chibi Dragon Pre-Order Policy

Full payment for your pre-order purchase is collected when you place your order.

A pre-order is recommended to guarantee that you will receive the product once it releases. Each pre-order purchase made before the pre-order end date is sent to manufacturer as a production request. If you do not have a pre-order claimed you will have to rely on any extras or additional store stock being available for purchase after the product is launched.

Due to unforeseen events, Chibi Dragon may not be able to fulfill your pre-order purchase. Chibi Dragon reserves the right to fully refund any pre-order that cannot be fulfilled for any reason. “Unforeseen events” can include anything from the manufacturer cancelling the production of the product to the product being lost or destroyed while in transit to our warehouse. These events happen very rarely but are possible and are beyond our control.

Pre-order purchases can only be canceled if we are notified on or before the date that is 5 business days prior to the pre-order purchase end date. Please remember that Saturday and Sunday are not business days. Requests must be sent to You can also use our contact page.