Why I love the Kirby Robobot Armor Nendoroid More set.

Kirby has landed with his full Robobot Armor gear to adorn your collection! This special set includes a complete Kirby Nendoroid with visor headgear. This is a BIG Nendoroid!

Let's talk features.

Here's a photo of the original model before the detailed paintwork is added:

The Robobot Armor was sculptured by Shichibee and the included Kirby parts were sculpted by Fumiyoshi Onishi. Even at this stage you can see the detail put into the sculpter. The bulky rivet heads and articulated joints make this piece extra special. The whimsy and scale of the video game art are perfectly captured here.

The finished paint job highlights the armor's hazard striping, chest lights, and metallic details like the giant exhaust pipes.

Kirby Robobot Armor without Kirby Nendoroid

Every detail down to the box art is meticulous and indicative of the Good Smile Company perfectionism:

Kirby Robobot Armor Nendoroid More Box Art Image

I don't know if you noticed or not, but Kirby Nendoroids are hard to find! Not only does this set come with one of the coolest Nendoroid accessories, the Robobot Armor, it comes with a PINK Kirby Nendoroid too. The expression on this Kirby is also too cute to pass up. His angry little "I'm gonna get you!" face is precious.

Kirby Robobot Nendoroid Figure with Pilot Goggles

(notice the mouth design changed from the prototype to the production run)

This Nendoroid works with all existing Kirby Nendoroid parts. The Robobot Armor even has a sizable enough cockpit to use with other Nendoroid characters as well.

All in all, this is an amazing set. If this is your first Nendoroid you're getting a masterpiece. If this is an addition to your collection you are getting a lot of fun stuff for imaginative play, diorama, and shelf display!

Jason / Ojisan / おじさん